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SuperPower LED Flexible Strip Warm White IP20
Product Highlights
  • SuperPower LED flexible strip provides high quality and homogeneous light in a low profile package
  • SuperPower LED flexible strip is the perfect solution for interior applications requiring high light output without sacrificing space in applications such as cove, display, architectural accents, cabinet, and backlighting
  • Made with highly reflective white PCB surface and heat conductive 3M double adhesive VHB (Very High Bonding) tape
  • High quality LED 3014 chips used with a rated power of 15w/m with up to 1500lm/m
  • LED pitch of 8mm resulting in homogeneous light output. Smallest cuttable unit of 5cm with 6 LEDs
  • On board current control for constant light output and longer lifetime
  • No UV or IR emissions
  • CE and RoHS compliant
General Characteristics
Product Code: LDSTR 15W/24V/WW/IP20
Product Description: SuperPower LED Flexible Strip Warm White IP20
Product Range: SuperPower LED Flexible Strip
Dimensions (LxWxH): 6,000mm x 10mm x 5mm
Reel Length: 6 Meters
Step Length: 50 mm
LED Pitch: 8 mm
LED Chip Type: SMD 3014
Number of LEDs: 120 LEDs/m
Rated Power: 15 w/m
Operating Voltage: 24 VDC
Operating Current Per Reel: 4.20 A
Maximum Continuous Length: 10 meters
Operating Temperature Range: -30° .. +40°
Maximum Temperature TC: +50°
Light Characteristics
Luminous Flux: 1,200 lm/m
Efficacy: 80 lm/w
Beam Angle: 120°
Color: Warm White
Color Temperature: 2,900 K - 3,100 K
Color Rendering Index: > 80
Mounting Advice
  • Feeding by soldering at the designated solder pads. Polarity (+/-) must be respected.
  • Maximum soldering duration must not exceed 10 seconds, and maximum soldering temperature must not exceed 260°C.
  • The PCB strip can be cut every 5cm between the solder pads and the marked points by using a pair of scissors or similar.
  • Adhesive VHB (Very High Bonding) tape must be used on clean surfaces, free of oil, silicone and dirt particles.
  • Strip must be mounted on heat conductive surface for heat dissipation and extended lifetime.
Security Advice
  • Only approved power supplies and dimmers can be used.
  • Only a skilled person is allowed to install the strip according to valid instructions and norms.
  • Be aware of ESD during mounting and installation.
  • Mechanical stress of the strip is to be avoided.
  • Not respecting the polarity will result in irreversible damage to the LED strip.
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