Single Color RF Remote Controller & Receiver, 4 Zones
    Product Highlights
    • Programmable LED remote controller and receiver operating in RF transmission 
    • Transmission range of up to 20 meters
    • Suitable for controlling single color installations with high output (max. 32A)
    • Smooth logarithmic dimming curve from 100% to 0.1%
    • No flickering or flash effect while dimming
    • 4-channels PWM dimmer output with maximum load of 8A per channel
    • Up to 4 different zones can be controlled individually or collectively
    • Unlimited number of receivers can be assigned to the same zone
    • Synchronization function across all receivers to guarantee consistent overall dimming
    • Dimming is possible using a simple push-to-make button to control a single receiver
    • Power repeater (CT-PWR-48) can be used to replicate PWM signal
    General Characteristics
    Product Code: CT-RMC-S4Z + CT-RCV-S48
    Product Description: Single Color RF Remote Controller & Receiver, 4 Zones
    Input Voltage, DC: 12 - 36V
    Maximum Supply Current: 32.5A
    Number of Control Inputs: 1
    Control Input Signal: RF
    Number of Output Channels: 4
    Number of addresses: 1 ... 4
    Maximum Output Load per Channel: 8.0A/CH
    PWM Signal Frequency: 1500 Hz
    Ambient Temperature: -20°C…+50°C
    Maximum Casing Temperature: 75°C
    Dimensions (L/W/H): 168 x 58 x 28 mm
    IP Protection: IP20
    Wiring Diagram