Creo Light is focused on producing premium LED products for commercial, retail and residential applications. The range of products includes:

  • Retrofit lamps
  • LED flexible strips
  • Controllers and dimmers
  • Indoor spots, downlights and track lights
  • Outdoor floodlights and waterproof fittings

LED technology has flooded the market in recent years, but our products stand out from the competition when it comes to quality, efficiency, brightness, color and lifespan. We are focused on delivering reliable, innovative, sustainable and energy efficient solutions through our LED products that are literally light years ahead.

Many LED manufacturers struggle to deliver matching performance and color quality of existing traditional light sources. Creo Light offers LED products with innovative and reliable technologies ensuring seamless transition to energy efficient alternatives.

All Creo Light products feature the following advantages:

  • Surpass all brightness, colour, dispersion, lifespan and safety benchmarks
  • High color rendering index
  • Retain at least 70% of its performance after 50,000 hours
  • Easily retro-fitted into most existing light fittings
  • Compliant with international standards
  • Robust enough to come with worldwide warranty